About us

We're just a small group of middle aged and older investors who got fed up with the lack of straight and relatively simple data on investing and economics, and put up a web site to address our various concerns. See the statement of purposes on the home page - it's literally just that simple.

The main person doing the charts and maintaining the site is 'bart', and many of the visitors to the site have seen it referenced from the articles he has written for other web sites and also from various posts on financial internet boards. Most of us grew up in the Midwest U.S.

Before this site was created, Bart was dispelling well known economic falsehoods to a close friend, Tim C. As more questions were asked and answered, it became obvious that he wasn't the only one in the world who had been drinking Kool-Aid. Another friend, Phil J., contributed by reading the articles and asking questions etc., which led Bart to realize that a website would help open more eyes to some of the truths we're not "supposed to" know or understand. You may even spot one of us wearing a www.NowAndFutures.com T-shirt.

Someday we'll probably promote the site more broadly but it's not yet as complete as we'd like.

Please note that we do not accept advertising of any kind, including articles from other sources.