Carries our highest recommendation, truly great work

Shadow Government Statistics

The smoking guns...

Past and future of central bank cooperation

Some of our favorite blogs

Russ Winter


Barry Ritholtz

Calculated Risk

Pater Tenebrarum

Jerry Pournelle

Our favorite site on gold and a general overview of it

Has frequent excellent comments on technical analysis, quite educational.

Bank ratings, find a probably sounder bank

Move your money

Bauer Financial/a>

Texas ratio, may be helpful

A truly excellent data and chart source

We know of few if any sites that compare, and none that are mostly free.

A free and good stock trading site

Covers many stocks, and most US and Canadian exchanges. Do your own due diligence!

Peak oil sites

The oil drum

View from the peak

Value of Gold vs. the Dollar

What Most Investors Don't Know About Gold and the U.S. Dollar

Globalization makes national currencies obsolete

Ben Steil of the C.F.R. on one of the very biggest issues

Real money basics & history

What banks, academics, the media and politicians don't tell you about money (truly excellent, but quite long)

Fiat (unbacked paper) money basics & history

Fiat Money Systems (great long term currency chart)

70 years of Mining Shares

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Three Peaks and the Domed House

Quite a track record of top calling...

Exchange or currency controls?

Capital Controls: Theory and Practice

Crash course

Chris Martenson's crash course to catch up with the key truths

Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution

Good 58 minute youtube video

The Pompous Prognosticators Hall of Fame

Quite a track record of bad calls from 1927-1933

Financial Adages

Fun and educational quotes

The JFK Myth

Was he assassinated because he opposed the Fed?

Manias, etc.

Download Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay (1841) (1.6 MB text document)

World gold coin reference

Weights, fineness, etc. on many coins

Democracy index

Liberty and justice for some


Milton Friedman on greed and capitalism

Understanding Currency Valuations

A very good article on the basics, plus an explanation of 'the synthetic short dollar'

Good books

Basic Economics: A Citizens Guide to the Economy - Thomas Sowell

Japan's Deflation and Policy Response

A 2003 speech by member of the Policy Board of the Bank of Japan (hat tip to Eric at

"The prescription for 1930s' type debt deflation has been proposed by, among others, Bernanke and Gertler (1990). The financial accelerator problem may be dealt with by transferring income to debtors with promising projects, at least to the extent that such projects and borrowers are identifiable. The same thing may be said about banks. Macroeconomic policy can take care of general price deflation."

"The case of Japan since the 1990s is more complicated. As I have hopefully made clear, the deflation of general prices has not been the major problem. Instead, asset price deflation and its interaction with the financial system and the economy have been at the core of the problem. There are two views on the asset price deflation of the period. One view holds that the bubble of the late 1980s had to burst. The other recognizes a secular decline in the return on capital starting sometime in the late 1980s and associated declines in asset prices and investment. The two are not inconsistent with each other, but mutually reinforcing. The second view seems to need the first to explain the temporary rise in asset prices. The two differ in their estimates of where prices will end up, but are in accordance in claiming that adjustments in asset prices and investment were inevitable. To be sure, the negative accelerator story suggests that the economy and asset prices may fall further than is necessary. Hence, beyond a certain point, policies to support asset prices may be justifiable. It would, however, be difficult to determine whether the economy had reached such a stage. Also, a more fundamental policy response would be to address the problems of the financial system and other inefficiencies in the economy."

A review of "Debt & Delusion"

An excellent article by Robert Blumen

Perceptions of Corruption in Asia

The "Corruption Perception Index" lists 133 nations regarding public sector corruption...

Ten fundamental principles of net energy

Good article

The American form of government

Good 10.5 minute video covering the basics of government

Very broad coverage on many topics

Grandfather Economics Report

Economic issues facing today's generation compared to prior periods

US Debt Summary

Major long term factors

Aging Demographics - The Other Super Secular Trend

World Population Aging: 1950-2050

Debt & Delusion

Third world myths

Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen

Who owns the Fed?

A well footnoted article

Corruptions Perceptions Index

World perceptions - which countries are the most corrupt

Silver FAQ

Lots of good data

The Bottom Line

A Debt Summary

Monetary Episodes from History, partially a story of gold & silver

Monetary History from Ancient Times to the Present Day, another story of gold & silver

The Middle Class on the Precipice

Harvard Magazine - Rising financial risks for American families

Goldman Sachs 666

goldmansachs666 blog

22 Reasons Why Hedge Funds Stink For the Average Investor

Article from The Hedge Fund Reader

What sort of despotism democratic nations have to fear

Democracy in America, Ch. 6, Alexis de Tocqueville

Guru grades

How 30+ advisors performed on public U.S. stock market predictions


Pricing, comparisons, education and more information

The Fate of Paper Money

History of all Paper Money

Gold as an investment (Wikipedia)

Historical and more current data
Some basics on investing in junior mining stocks

Great article on employment stats

Reconciling the BED, CES, and birth/death employment data

"Strategic Siege" in the Great Game

An article

Coin Collecting

Professional Coin Grading Service

Tulving - a coin source we like (large minimum purchase)

California Numismatic Investments

Find a coin dealer in your area (caveat emptor)

Some gold & silver purchasing sources

Local coin stores

Tulving (large minimum purchase)

GATA's recommended sources

The Money Changer

Northwest Territorial Mint



American Gold Exchange

Gold Mutual Fund comparisons & lists

(Do your own due diligence before purchasing!)

Selling precious metals - good refiners

Dillon Gage

(Do your own due diligence!)


 24 hour Quotes on the Metals, Historical Charts & Data

Thoughts on the need for a Central Bank

Various investment firms that very generally align with our views

 Puplava Securities (related site -

 Kenneth J. Gerbino & Co.

(Do your own due diligence before purchasing!)

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Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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