Privacy policy

1. The only cookie we use is related to copyright issues on our chart links, and no data is reported to any other site. Any possible other future cookies will only be to enhance the visit, not for spying or collecting personal data.
2. We don't ask for any info so we can't store it or sell it, but if we do at some time in the future, we'll never sell any of it to anyone.
3. We do track the available data your browser tells us and where you go on the site, so we can get tips on how to design the site better and in general make it more usable, per our statement of purpose on the home page.

Other policies

1. All chart data is based on non seasonally adjusted data, if available. The inclusion on most charts of an annual rate of change figure automatically applies a seasonal adjustment factor.
2. Other than unforeseen and unexpected legal or regulatory issues, or high bandwidth costs, we expect this site to remain free.
3. Although we may sometime in the future start a paid newsletter or trading advice service, virtually all the existing graphs and data will remain as is and freely available.
4. All external sites will open in the same browser window. We only have two choices and decided its more intuitive and simple to do it that way. The only exception is pdf files, which will open in a new window.
5. We do not accept advertising of any kind.
6. We do not exchange links.


1. Unless otherwise noted, CPI always refers to CPI-U (all urban consumers).
2. Unless otherwise noted or they're unavailable, we always use non seasonally adjusted numbers, In other words, we start with as close to the basic and raw data as is possible so we can minimize "other" effects.